Thinking of joining our choir?

We are always delighted to welcome new members into Fernhurst Choral Society. So, whether you’re a soprano, alto, tenor or bass singer, come along to a rehearsal, watch, listen and join in to find out if you’ll like what you see and hear!

We are currently particularly seeking Bass Singers. You may have seen our advertisements or ‘flyers’ in the area recently.   Do come along, its great fun. 


Rehearsals are held on Monday evenings from 8:00 pm to 9:45 pm at Fernhurst Village Hall during our season, which runs from September to May (with three weeks off over the Christmas and New Year holiday period).

No Auditions… but Practice

We do not audition new recruits; the emphasis is on inclusivity and enjoyment. However, we do of course value the ability to sing in tune! Some ability to read music is also an advantage. Once you’ve joined, we like members to commit to attend rehearsals regularly. Home practice is also required, which is facilitated, for most of the works we sing, by the availability of individual practice voice parts to download from the internet or on CD.

Membership subscription

The annual subscription is only £90 payable in September. This includes music hire for the season and the fee for participating in the Petersfield Musical Festival. A reduced rate is available if you join part-way through the season.

For membership enquiries please contact Tina Litchfield.

Membership forms for the 2017/18 season can be found here.

2017/18 Membership subscription form (multiple year Gift Aid)

2017/18 Membership subscription form (single year or no Gift Aid)

For payment or gift aid queries please contact our Treasurer, Rob Walker, on 01428 654893 or robwalker4719@gmail.


Find Us

Fernhurst Village Hall is on the corner of Glebe Road and Midhurst Road, GU27 3EH

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